About Gaido

A team of professional, creative, skilled problem solvers.

We combine the talents of web development (the techie stuff), UX and UI Design (the beautiful stuff) and content creation (the expressive stuff).

We give you the enterprise solution you want and the platform you need to build a successful business. Each member of our team specialises in their own field, bringing their work together to create your unique product. With our combined experience and problem solving abilities, you can be confident that our knowledge and intuition will never let you down.

Why Us?

We've been where you are now.

Every person in our core team has had their own startup; we’ve questioned our sanity, second guessed our dreams, built things and broke things. But thanks to this, we’ve learned a lot and it’s this experience that allows us to cut out the grey areas and keep you on the direct route to realising your concept in the form of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Case Studies

What We Do

We design bespoke functionality for our clients, saving time and money, allowing you to move forward on a sound footing.

Breathing life into your idea early means that you can begin testing and validating rapidly so your solution can evolve on substantiated insights.

We really like this video as a way of describing how we work!


MVP Platforms

Building Prototypes / Minimum Viable Products to release into the market for traction, first customers & validate the business.

Design & Development

Full Stack with UI/UX. We can handle all design requirements needed and backend / frontend development for your web platforms.

Branding & Content

Visual Impact with attention to detail branding guidelines, dashboard interfaces or themes and Content Writing / corrections.

Consulting & Mentors

Guiding Startups through the process of various stages, or enhancing your services and Support from our Gaido Mentors group.

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